Warranty Repairs, Warehousing & 3rd Party Logistics

Duons USP

The Duons difference - unique value thanks to a rare combination of resources & skill sets

Some companies offer warranty testing and repairs, others third party warehousing and logistics, or outsourced call centres for technical support for products. But few can offer all and more in one, and that's why Duons represents unrivalled value for businesses seeking to avoid large capital investments and ongoing overheads in a constantly evolving, highly competitive marketplace.

Duons offers a range of services to businesses and commercial entities:

  • Corporations with large-scale, distributed networks of technological infrastructure (telcos, mining companies, utilities etc) requiring ongoing testing, repairs, maintenance and logistics support
  • Retail companies who sell business-to-consumer (B2C) and have a product involving technology. Duons can assist with product testing to determine the status of warranty claims, carry out warranty repairs, provide post-sales customer support and even coordinate warehousing and logistics as much as necessary
  • Importers and foreign companies looking to bring a product to the Australasian market, and want assistance with regulatory requirements relating to warranty and technical compliance, as well as customer support, logistics and outsourced warehousing
Microwave radio networks are less expensive than fibre-only deployments
Lower Costs

Managing complex testing, repairs and technical issues in-house requires massive investment. Outsourcing to dedicated professionals can cut costs dramatically while maintaining quality.

Less Downtime

Uncertainty about technical issues and failure of aging infrastructure can suspend the normal operation of your business. Duons works collaboratively with business to keep their time as profitable as possible.

Optimise Efficiency

Modern businesses need to be agile and responsive to survive and prosper. Duons helps to stream operations, both for large corporations looking to minimise OPEX and also smaller start-ups and new market entrants wanting to 'start smart'.

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Duons reverse logistics methodology

Duons has a long history of providing repairs, product diagnostics, spare parts management and logistics support to large companies with complex technology networks. We have developed a methodology for responding to our clients needs as efficiently as possible, at all times minimising waste by eliminating unnecessary downtime and maximising the value of technological assets. This graphic details the typical process for assisting a client when there is a failure of their critical infrastructure in the field.

Once identified, the faulty part it is sent to Duons for testing and repairs. We take a proactive role, ensuring wherever possible that there is buffer stock for all parts and components so a replacement can be sent into the field without delay. Meanwhile, the faulty item is diagnosed by our technical team. If it is repairable it is restored to working order and placed into buffer stock. If deemed unrepairable, any valuable components and materials are extracted and remaining e-waste is disposed of responsibly.

Duons repair and logistics methodology

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