PCB Upgrades & Reverse Engineering


Leveraging experience to extend the technology lifecycle

Duons has an unrivalled capacity for helping businesses large and small reduce operational expenditure (OPEX) and avoid unnecessary capital expenditure (CAPEX) through effective strategies for prolonging the functionality of legacy and end-of-life technologies. With twin specialisations in RF technology as well as PCBs and microcircuitry, a technical team comprising engineers and technicians covering IT, electronics, power systems and all areas of radio communications, and access to the right equipment, materials and external services, Duons can confidently:

  • Provide once-off and ongoing repairs and maintenance to a range of technologies involving electronics and RF components
  • Suggest and implement modifications and upgrades to aging hardware (PCBs, componentry, physical housing)
  • Carry out reverse engineering of PCBs and electronics components where the original designs are no longer manufactured / available for purchase

Upgrade & save on the cost of outright replacement

During the repairs process our technical team often identify vulnerabilities or outdated components in electronic hardware. In these cases we can implement partial re-designs or component level upgrades that effectively add years to the equipment's operational life, and even expand its functionality.

Design Upgrade and Manufacture

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Microwave radio networks are less expensive than fibre-only deployments
Lower Costs

Save on unnecessary infrastructure capital investment by prolonging the life of existing assets and keeping unprofitable downtime to a minimum.

Less Downtime

Planning, purchasing, installing and learning a new system takes time and can hamstring a business's profitability. Upgrading existing equipment can be faster and doesn't involve extensive 'relearning'.

Minimise Waste

Today's 'throw-away culture' is extremely wasteful, whereas repairing and upgrading equipment conserves valuable materials in a way that is good for your finances and the environment.

Reverse Engineering: a key tool to extend the lifecyle of legacy systems

Whether maintaining buffer stock for large scale distributed telecommunications infrastructure, or carrying out emergency repairs to get mid-sized industrial businesses up and running again after critical equipment outages, reverse engineering is a key tool in Duons’ technical department’s arsenal. Routinely faced with challenges of working with end-of-life technology – lack of manufacturer support, missing circuit diagrams, hard-to-source spares and more – we have developed a proprietary methodology backed by expertise, keeping your technology working for you.

The ability to draw accurate circuit diagrams from physical hardware is not just an essential part of repairs and testing, it can provide you with valuable documentation for your own records, as well as enabling the efficient mass production of PCBs and other electronics as required.

Duons’ capacity to replace and reproduce damaged and non-repairable multi-layer PCBs gives you the peace-of-mind that your critical infrastructure and other electronic products will remain serviceable into the future.

To overcome the challenge of maintaining technology containing proprietary components no longer sold or supported by the original manufacturer, Duons have developed the capability to reverse engineer fit-for-purpose replacements that enhance overall repair efficacy, ultimately achieving a better result for the end-user.

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Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors
Duons specialises in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology web site for more information by clicking here.

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