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Global presence, local understanding

Duons is a French-owned company (part of the Vallee Group) with a global presence. Through its network of offices on four continents, Duons offers outstanding products and service as a telecommunications integrator and technology support partner to range of clients from the government and private sectors. Clientele have included major telecommunications companies such as Vodafone, Orange, 02, T-Mobile and OPT.

In 2006, Duons opened a repair and logistics centre in Brisbane, Australia, to support maintenance of legacy equipment for Australia’s largest telco - Telstra. To this day, Duons provides critical repairs and support for the national telephony network as well as offering a range of other products and services for government bodies, corporations, SMEs and end-users.

World map locations

Leveraging their global network and in-house expertise, Duons continues to build on the value and service it offers to its clients in Australian and the Asia-Pacific.

Radio Comms


With decades of experience in network planning and design, plus a range of wireless radio and other products, Duons assists business and government worldwide to implement telecommunications projects efficiently and cost-effectively.


Electronics testing & repairs

Electronic circuits are found in most modern technology. Duons have ample experience providing effective diagnostics, repairs, upgrades and reverse engineering to help manage complex technological equipment.

Project management

Project management

More than just suppliers of technology, Duons has the in-house expertise and connections to manage you entire project from design and procurement through to installation and after-sales training & support.


Logistics, warehousing & warranty support

With a unique combination of warehousing, service centre, logistics and end-of-life technology maintenance capabilities, Duons offers unbeatable value and ROI to businesses looking to outsource warranty repairs, inventory management and maintenance of complex networks of technology assets.